lundi 6 octobre 2014

Leader of Toraidetoaru rebels

It was going to Nigiro the helm of the rebels as a figurehead nominal them initially, but instead of a pack mule that often becomes as deemed true leader while you continue to witness the success of the pack mule, and take independent action I Yuku summarizes the rebels as staff rated Te. In fact full

It had a connection with Amandara spy leading to the flat, but since it was known to all and now homage to pack mule, and Giwaza in (Episode 23 to select a clean break through a direct conversation with the flat also stopped spying the "spy Poseidaru is was fed direct" that Ney had to talk about, and there is a possibility that was pointing to him originally). It was decided that after the final battle, he is responsible for the heavy responsibility as a new ruler on behalf of the pack mule to Insei in the TV version.

Technicians Dovu~a base of the planet Toraidetoaru. I had a development class A HM Amon Durr of "stack". Recruited to Pacquiao in place that has been criticized stack from Gyabure, and joined the line of pack mule and as can continue development of the stack from the interest as an engineer, and Gaim Mk jointly with Pacquiao stack pack mule line had been snatched from the regular army I improve to -II. I was responsible for the development and maintenance of general mechanic. It's competent, but may or remove without permission parts of Gaim for Mk-II assembly, such as trying to study without permission Beazu the messenger of full flat was riding, and take action technician stupid manner .

Youth workers resources satellite Parata Star. Had been forced to forced labor under assay evil magistrate Bonn Saens, but to release the Parata Star in the uprising workhorse line that dropped in by chance. Parata Starr become one of the bases of the rebels then, it became a base Gasutogaru assault operations of the end of the "Stardust strategy".

Crew of the merchant ship disguised Ipushion of regular army affiliations Ryokurei and Kuwasan-Oribi had commanded. Was trying to save a line is moved to the words of the pack mule who was caught on board, but is killed by Ryokurei.